Smirk Teeth Whitening Strips

The perfect accompaniment to Smirk® Teeth Whitening Powder, remove internal teeth staining safely with Smirk® peroxide-free Teeth Whitening Strips.

Making teeth whiter and brighter from the very first use, Smirk® Teeth Whitening Strips penetrate beneath the enamel to lift teeth staining from within.

Peroxide-free and safe to use on sensitive teeth, Smirk® dentist-approved Teeth Whitening Strips safely remove staining caused by coffee, alcohol, food, smoking and other overindulgence to produce a powerful whitening effect.


  • Open foil sachet to reveal the strips.
  • Pat teeth with tissue to dry them.
  • Place bottom strip on first. Repeat with top strip.
  • Let strips do their magic for 30 minutes. Do not eat or drink whilst wearing strips.
  • Remove strips after 30 minutes and discard.


Strips contains 0% peroxide. Our very scientific ingredient list is as follows: Glycerin, Aqua, Cellulose gum, Sodium chlorite, EDTA, Citric acid & Menthol