Rapidograph Pen in Black

Line thickness: 0.18 mm.
Color of the rapidograph: white. 

1. Pour the special ink into the reservoir in rapidograph. Maximum 1/2 tank.
2. Put a few drops of water into the small reservoir at the top of the cap. This will prevent the ink from drying out in the needle.
3. Mattify coloured UV Gel polish or gel with buffer block and clean it with NeoNail cleaner. Make a rapidograph pattern and then secure it with a Hard Top or a gel finish.
4. After finishing work, wash the rapidograph with water. To do so, unscrew the writing part of the rapidograph and place it in a warm water container for about 5-10 minutes. Finally rinse the part of the rapidograph under a stream of warm water.
5. When using a classic nail polish, create the pattern on the second day when nail polish is totally dry.

Rapidograph should be cleaned daily after work is finished, because the dried ink can clog the needle. The rapid pressing of the rapidograph to the surface on which we create the pattern can lead to its permanent mechanical damage.

Instructions for using and cleaning the Rapidograph.

  • Be careful not to contaminate the end of the tool with varnish, acrylic, gel.
  • Always paint on a mattified and oil free surface.
  • Clean Rapidograph daily after work.
  • If the needle is completely clogged you can add a little dishwashing liquid to the water tank in which will soak is the writing part.
  • Rapidograph is not filled with ink (it should be purchased additionally).