NeoNails UV Gel Polish 6 ml - Emerald Aquarelle

Product info-

he Aquarelle Collection allows you to create your own hybrid masterpieces.

Do you have a lot of tedious templates and ready-made designs?

Are not you interested in the limitations, and the trends in manicure are your speciality?

Perfectly! Discover the collection of Aquarelle hybrids, the absolute breakthrough in nail styling.

This product is used to make Sharm effect, so-called "wet painting".

Thanks to its unique properties, it quickly dissolves, creating spectacular decorations in just a few seconds.

With Aquarelle's hybrid nail polish, you get the desired effect faster than with classic hybrid.

Definitely nicer and faster melts. You do not have to complicatedly mix and dilute products.

That is why you save a lot of time and effort, and in return, you get a nice fun.