Neonail Starter Set First Choice Kit

STARTER SET BASIC is a UV gel polish set for beginners!

You will receive everything necessary to learn how to make a  perfect nail stylisation by yourself. What products will you find in it?

  • UV gel polish Sexy Red  with a beautiful red colour.
  • Base and top in one bottle - Base / Top 2in1.

  • ECO 10W / 36 LED lamp, thanks to which you will cure the base, colour and top.
  • Nail Cleaner for wiping the nail plate.
  • Acetone,  i.e.  Remover for removing  UV gel  manicure.
  • Nail buffer 100/180 to matt the nails before applying the base, colour and top coat.
  • Wooden sticks to help you to push the cuticles back  or remove nail polish.

Best nail set for beginners? Definitely  STARTER SET FIRST CHOICE from NEONAIL!