Neonail Smart Set Special

Kit Includes 

The groundbreaking Base 6in1 Silk Protein- 1 product with 6 uses which guarantee you extended, lasting and strengthened nails. 

Powder Hollywood Effect- multi-coloured, glossy powder, perfect for both walking on a red carpet as well as for everyday walk! 

Beautiful and varied colours- tempting red, fancy pink, pastel lilac, heavenly blue or beige in its purest form. 

Led Lamp 18W/36- 3 operating mode, motion sensor and 21 LEDs, which cure the whole nail design at the same time.

Top Dry- topcoat nail polish, which do not require cleansing after curing in a lamp. Thanks to this, it is perfect for nail designs with the use of powders.

Necessary accessories- nail file, nail buffer, applicator for powder, polish remover and of course nail cleaner.

Be bold and choose the colorful effects!

Technical data of the lamp:

- 21 leds

- Maximum power: 18W/36,

- Voltage: DC 12V, 2A,

- Size: 215 x 133 x 75mm,

- Wavelength: 365-405 nm.