Neonail Revital Base Fiber 15ml- Milky Cloud

  • The Revital Base Fiber reinforcement contains special fibers, calcium and vitamins E and B5. Thanks to them, hybrid styling will remain even on weak, brittle plates.
  • Perfect look - the milky shade of the product will even out the color of your tile, emphasizing its natural beauty.
  • Extension and filling - with Revital Base Fiber you can add up to 7 mm in length to your nails and even out microcracks in the nail plate.
  • Quick manicure - apply a base in the shade Milky Cloud and finish the styling with a top. That's all you need to enjoy perfect nails that are ready in just a few moments! It is also a great base for various colors of hybrid varnishes - it will be great especially in combination with pastels.
  • Easy application - a perfectly contoured, short brush will facilitate the application of Revital Base Fiber, even on an uneven, brittle plate.