Neonail - Expert Art Gel 5ml - Silver

Art Gel 5 ml NN Expert - Silver

The product is intended for professionals.

It is used to create original and durable nail decorations.

Its consistency means that it stays in place of application, it does not melt.

This gel leaves a beautiful shine, so it does not require additional shine.

Due to the lack of a dispersion (sticky) layer, it does not require cleaning with Cleaner.

It comes in several shades.

How to use?

On the previously made UV/LED Gel Polish nail, paint the pattern with a thin brush for decorating.

Cure the gel in the UV/LED lamp according to the table.

In the case of very complex patterns, it is recommended to harden individual fragments of the decoration.

With the help of the gel, you can create convex decorations, for this purpose, apply and harden several thin layers of gel.

The cured gel does not require cleaning with a Cleaner.