NeoNail- 24W LED Lamp ECO

Professional ECO lamp for UV Gel polish manicure. Equipped with high quality 21 LEDs, which translates into 48W effective power, and a 24W real power.
The cure time is the same as for 48W lamps but with less energy consumption.
This lamp can be used for both UV gel polish and gels.

  • aesthetic appearance makes it suitable both for home use and professional salon,
  • Built-in motion sensor,
  • curing time-saving function,
  • Low Heat Mode - gradual warm up of the lamp,
  • energy-saving LEDs,
  • LED bulbs ensure the safety of the lamp and protect it from excessive temperature rise, and their even distribution guarantees perfect cure,
  • simple, intuitive operation,
  • Up to 3 operating times: 30, 60, 99 seconds,
  • The lamp is equipped with a motion sensor, which activates the lamp after inserting the hand,
  • The lamp is maintenance-free, because it does not need to replace fluorescent lamps, thanks to LED technology,
  • The bottom part is on the magnet.