NeoNail- Starter Set- Adoreable

STARTER SET ADORABLE, an exclusive nail set

Have you already had a basic hybrid manicure set, but you have run out of products or just want to replace your LED lamp with a more powerful model? Or maybe you want to learn styling right away with an extensive starter kit that gives you many possibilities? STARTER SET ADORABLE will perfectly match each of these needs!

What products are included in the STARTER SET ADORABLE hybrid manicure set?

5 gel polishes 3 ml:

  • Spread Love - beautiful red similar to the shade of Raspberry Red, however, Spread Love is slightly brighter;
  • Merry Bright - feminine beige similar in color to Wedding Chic nail polish, but it is Merry Bright definitely darker;
  • Shinny Rose - Rose gold glitter jewelery that is similar to Shine The Moments shade. Shinny Rose, however, is more pink and slightly darker;
  • Rosy Memory - classic, girly pink;
  • Candy Cane - an intense shade of pink that resembles the color of the Juicy Raspberry hybrid varnish. The color of the set is, however, a bit darker than it.
  • Revital Base Fiber 7.2 ml - a cult hybrid base for special tasks. This is the only set in which you will find a nail extension product, and with the Revital Base Fiber base you can extend them up to 10 mm.
  • Top Shine Bright 7.2 ml - a hybrid top that will give your stylization shine and make it really durable.
  • 21W / 48 LED lamp - reliable, easy to use and powerful. Perfect to harden into a base that will extend your nails.
  • Nail Cleaner Vitamins 50 ml - nail degreaser with vitamins.
  • Acetone, or Remover 50 ml - product to removing hybrid styling.
  • Cuticle oil - with her help you will moisturize and nourishs area around the nails.
Necessary accessories:
  • 100/180 polisher;
  • File 100/180;
  •  Wooden sticks;
  •  Tampon made of cellulose wadding (lint-free swabs).