NeoNail - 3D Holo Effect


The latest trend in nail styling

This tiny, metallic powder creates a three dimensional, holographic, all-color rainbow effect. Thanks to this wonderful powder, you get a smooth, sparkling thousands of tiny particles surface that will highlight the beauty of your manicure.
The metal powder is simply rubbed onto your favourite UV nail polish and then sealed. Depending on the intensity, base colour, type and angle of incidence of the light, the powder provides a different look. The holo-effect is also ideal with the black UV  Pure Black 2996 as the basis.

The below image shows the effect of using the 3D Holo Effect on the Pure Black 2996 gel polish.

Do not apply onto classic nail polish.

Weight: 3g

1. Gently File the nail plate using the NeoNail Buffer.
2. Apply a thin layer of UV HARD BASE and cure in LED or UV lamp according to the table.
3. Apply a layer of UV gel polish in the desired color and cure using the lamp (the darker the color, the longer the curing time). For color depth, repeat the action.
5. Apply DRY TOP to give a very clear gloss finish and cure in the lamp.
6.Carefully apply the 3D holo effect with your fingertip or applicator. The excess powder can be removed with a soft brush.
7. Apply the UV HARD TOP or DRY TOP and cure in the lamp.