NeoNail Baby Boomer - Nude Base 7.2ml

Discover a novelty, a hybrid base with a color, which will be perfect for a French or baby boomer manicure! Nude Base is a beautiful, girly blush with semi-transparent coverage and medium-thick consistency. Such features make the product from the BABY BOOMER BASE collection ideally suited to create a beautiful, feminine manicure that will look natural and elegant.

You'll love the BABY BOOMER BASE for:

  • strengthening properties that make the styling last even on delicate nails;
  • semi-transparent, medium-thick formula, thanks to which the application of the base is quick and easy;
  • possibility of building up nails and extending them up to 5 mm
  • beautiful, subtle effect that you can get thanks to it
  • the possibility of making a classic French or baby boomer styling, if you combine the Nude Base with white hybrid varnish or a product from the paint gel series;
  • great adhesion to the natural nail, therefore it is a product that does not require the use of a primer;
  • time saving, as Nude Base will help you complete your styling without having to remove it.
Do you want to create a beautiful, classic manicure that will emphasize your beauty? Opt for a base from the BABY BOOMER BASE series with a subtle, pink Nude Base color!

What is the product suitable for: Perfect base for creating timeless French and baby boomer styles. Thanks to them, you will get the effect of a natural-looking styling in beautiful shades of semi-transparent pink and peach.