NeoNail- 48W LED Lamp with Display

Effective, intuitive, designer- lamp LED 22W/48 is your way for a perfect UV gel manicure. You will gain more time, more productivity and more your satisfaction and your clients

The lamp has power of 22W but it cures a product at such a time as other lamps with the power of 48W.   

The professional lamp LED 22W/48 effectively cures every nail design.  It is perfect for a beauty salon and built-in Timer and display facilitate creating manicure and pedicure.  

Technology Dual LED means that the lamp emits white light with the wavelength 365nm and 405nm at the same time. It is energy-efficient light source with high-power and doubled waves spectrum. It ensures even curing and certainty of the nail design effect. 

What the lamp gives you:

    • long useful life- the operating mode is about 12 years. 
    • fast and precise curing of manicure- 21 energy-efficient leds are spread in a way to cure the whole hand at once.
    • sensor ruchu - as soon as you put your hand in, it will turn on automatically,
    • 3 operating modes:  30sec, 60sec and 99sec- thanks to this you adjust time to your individual needs,
    • easy and intuitive service- perfect for stylist and fans of beautiful nails who create UV gel manicure on their own,
    • modern  and stylish look- the device will look beautiful both at home and at the beauty salon.