Supercilium Painting Line Bow Arrow Ruler

Perfect Lines Made Easy.  Eyebrow line ruler with pre-cut thread and dyeing pads for precision eyebrow mapping and measuring. Perfect for creating symmetrical eyebrows prior to microblading, permanent and semi-permanent make-up practices.

Precise and easy-to-use bow-like eyebrow marker and measuring tool that creates symmetrical eyebrows! Precisely define the perfect angles and draw straight lines with the help of thick thread attached to this study bow. Our Paining Line Bow Arrow Ruler can be used to measure the golden ratio to draw the perfect eyebrow shape to guide you during your semi-permanent or permanent eyebrow tasks.

The Painting Line Bow Arrow Ruler consists of: one (1) black bow ruler, 15 pieces of thick thread and 15 dye line wipers. NOTE: Strings are not dyed. Dye to be bought separately. Compatible with any marker, stencil, semipermanent eyebrow pencil, or carbon paper. For permanent makeup, semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing.