Top Nail Colours to try this Spring – 2022

Top Nail Colours to try this Spring – 2022

If your anything like us here at KMK, you will be counting down the days until spring, so we can leave those deary winter months, heavy clothes, and dark moody nail colours behind, Spring will be here before you know it! As soon as winter starts to fade, comes bright colours and pastel hues which are worn almost exclusively the entire season. A bigger variety of colour this spring 2022 is predicted, think sparkles, special topcoats and creamy bold hues for eye-catching manicures.

This spring the trend is captivating colours that literally shimmer with optimism and opportunity. In terms of trends, colourful French manicures will continue being hugely popular this spring, especially pairing similar shades for a more monochromatic springtime look. Combined with the traditional spring colours, a few unconventional nail colours are set to emerge, such as brown hues.

On the other hand, if you’re a lover if dark, moody winter nail shades you’ll find greys and deep blue’s here as well. Whatever your thing is, an accent nail, elaborate nail art, or a simple one-all over polish look, there is a trending nail colour that is perfect for you! Keep reading for a take on the most popular nail colours and trends for spring 2022 and be prepared to wow with your nail colours this season! 


Periwinkle has quickly become a must-have nail colour shade this spring 2022. Pro nail experts expect to see people gravitate towards bold and muted versions of this shade, which can symbolize confidence, calmness, and energy. We recommend the Neo Nails shade in Sweet Paradise to introduce periwinkle to your nails this spring. 

NeoNails - Sweet Paradise

Baby Soft Pastels

One of the most traditional colours when it comes to springtime are any shade of soft pastels. A soft pastel shade is characterised as a white shade with three drops of your favourite colour. Check out our range of nail colours for Spring 2022 for all the baby soft pastel shades. 

Royal Blues

Blue is always an interesting shade no matter what the season, it can be an incredibly eye-catching colour even though it is one of the most natural colours on Earth. This vibrant hue of blue will be seen frequently this spring, as it works great on and compliments both fair and darker skin tones. If you’re a fan of vibrant royal blue check out the Neo Nails Mystic Bluebells shade.

NeoNails - Mystic Bluebells

Vibrant Neon’s

A sure way of spicing up your winter manicure is to introduce some vibrant neon’s for an instant mood-lifter. Bright neon shades like green, pink, yellow and blue are epical of springtime and will pair beautifully with all your springtime looks. Check out KMK’s range of neon shades this Spring! 

Sunset Red’s

All of the nail critics are predicting a huge return of bold and bright reds this spring 2022. And not just your typical rosy-red, but an orange-red that will really turn heads. The introduction of reds is all about embracing the sunny vibes and optimistic energy! We recommend using the Neo Nails Papaya Shake shade to achieve that fun vibrant energy. 

NeoNails - Papaya Shake

Creamy Browns

Brown nail polish is no stranger to trends, it can be found in all season as a top pick, but in spring 2022 expect to see a lot of deep, rich espresso brown shades. We recommend the Salon Systems Gellux shade in Naturally Bronzed to ease yourself into this trend this spring. 

Salon Systems Gellux - Naturally Bronzed 

Sandy Neutrals

This spring it is predicted that there will be a great focus on neutral shades with more sandy and khaki undertones. Expect to see neutral and skin tone shades everywhere, instead of the typical spring pink and coral shades. Ready to attempt this trend? Take a look out our range of spring nail colours!


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