The Top 5 Summer Nail Trends to Watch Out for this Summer!

The Top 5 Summer Nail Trends to Watch Out for this Summer!

Finally!!!! Summer is here 😊 and just like that, it’s time to update our manicures and nail inspo gallery’s! We wanted to give you a peek at the newest summer nail trends for 2022. Because we all need to refresh our manicure colour palette, it’s time to put away those shimmery reds or navy blues from your winter manicures just in time for the summer months and (hopefully) warmer days ahead! We’ve pulled together the top 5 nail trends that are going to be viral this summer!

1. Minimalistic Nail Art for Summer

Minimal Nail Art


 Minimalist nail art is one of our favourite trends for summer and it’s conveniently one of the simplest trends for summer 2022. It’s the ultimate DIY manicure to attempt at home! Intimidated by detailed nail art? A minimalist nail art look like this can be achieved using a small brush by just dotting the art on, dotted flowers are also a popular option for this trend. And even if the thought of art with a nail brush is too much you can just grab a pack of small, cute nail stickers, which require minimal effort or artistic talent😊

 2. Modern Takes on the Classic French Mani for Summer

Modern French Mani

You can never go wrong with a classic French manicure, but we are here for the modern twists we’ve been seeing all over Instagram & Pinterest and it’s just perfect for summer! Instead of the usually white polish used in the tip of a French mani inject some colour into your nails! The pop of orange used above make us think of summer and really brings the nails to life, a super easy way to subtly bring some colour and life to your usually French manicures!

3. Wavy Summer Nail Art

Waxy Nail Art

ICYMI, waves and squiggles are literally appearing everywhere right now, especially nail art! And this is a trend that is not going anywhere, we will continue to see the use of retro wavy nails into the summer months, where bright colours will be utilised to give the perfect summer manicure. Colourful waves are definitely one of our favourite trends right now.  A skinny and precise nail brush is crucial to nailing this trend, need some suggestions? Check out the set of NeoNail Nail Art Brushes to achieve the look.

4.Marble Summer Nail Effect

Marble Nail Art

The colourful marble effect manicure, another favourite here at KMK. There are a few ways to recreate this trend, however it is one of the more complicated trends (often best left to the professionals). The most DIY proof way of creating this look is by dripping dot of nail polish on the nail and swirling them around with a cuticle stick. Another method of creating this look involves using the water marble nail method, which is the process of using water, nail polish and a ton of patience. It can be messy, but when done right it’s definitely worth it for the seamless marbled result perfect for summer!

5. Neon Colour Block Nails

Colour Block Nails

The combination of bright pinks and oranges scream summer to us, which is probably why it’s trending this summer. It’s also another totally achievable trend, easy to achieve at home if you DIY your nails. Check out nail tape if you’re attempting this look, to help you achieve the crisp colour blocking lines.

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