Henna Brows – Everything you need to know!

Henna Brows – Everything you need to know!

Henna Brows have quickly become one of the hottest trends in eyebrow tinting, but what exactly are henna brows and what’s so great about getting them done or offering a henna brow service to your clients?

What are Henna Brows? And what makes them better than traditional tinting?

Henna Brows are a natural alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting. Traditional tints are primarily made of chemicals while most henna brow products are made of natural plant-based ingredients, this includes ingredients like Lewsonia Insermis – which is henna, a flowering plant commonly used to dye skin, hair, and fingernails. Henna has been around for thousands of years and has also been used for body art, and makeup. A lot of people associate henna with the colour red, however henna brows are specially formulated to give a cooler colour tone that is perfect for eyebrows.

One of the key benefits of henna brows when compared to traditional eyebrow tint is the fact henna brows not only dye the eyebrow, but it also acts as a brow filler. As it stains the skin beneath the brow. Supercilium Henna Brow takes 5 to 20 minutes to develop, and it leaves a stain on the skin for up to 14 days and on the hair for up to 6 weeks. It is a long-lasting and easy-to-use formula to create beautiful well-defined brows, with a sophisticated tattoo effect.

What are the best Henna Eyebrow Tint’s?

Here at KMK Salon Supplies we use the popular Supercilium Henna Brow Products, as it is a unique henna eyebrow tint product using the purest and finest henna from India and the latest techniques in hair colouring. Supercilium Brow Henna is 88% natural henna and vegan, making it safer and more gentle than traditional tinting methods. Check out our range of Supercilium Brow Products & Our Supercilium Henna Brow Course which includes the perfect starter kit filled with all the Supercilium goodies you need to get started.

Supercilium Brow Henna Starter Kit - €225.00

What does the Henna Brow process involve?

If you’ve ever had your eyebrows tinted and waxed, then you’ll already have an idea of how the process works. The first step of henna brows involves cleaning and removing any oils from the skin, to ensure the skin is super clean and ready for application. The next step involves measuring and shaping your brows, which also you to have some input before the process goes ahead. Then a white paste is applied around your eyebrows that acts as a barrier and is what gives the eyebrows a sharp, defined shape to the eyebrows.

After the paste has been applied, it’s time for the Henna! This part of the process is delicate. The Henna must be pushed onto the skin to ensure it sits in between the hairs to give you that fuller effect. Once applied evenly, it will sit on the eyebrows for about 10-20 minutes. When it’s done developing, it is wiped away and your eyebrows are then waxed/threaded/tweezed (if needed), to complete the high-definition effect.

How to maintain your Henna Brows for Longer?

To maintain your Henna Brows for as long as possible, its important to not over-wash your face. You can also purchase conditioners and oils to help them last longer. 

Supercilium Pro Cleanser - €16.00

Henna brows tend to work best on clients with healthy skin. Skin conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema will mean the henna won’t last as long. Freshly exfoliated skin is not ideal.  

Henna dye is semi-permanent but an important fact to note, is that skin is not. We are continually releasing oils and the renewal of skin cells, paired with environmental factors means the henna will shed as the skin does.

I provide microblading to my clients, why would I also offer Henna Brows?

Many within the Beauty Industry refer to henna brows as the gateway to microblading as it gives clients a chance to get use to a new eyebrow shape/look before committing to the microblading procedure. Also, many therapists with clients who are nearing the end of their microblading procedure use henna brows to fill in their brows until their next touch up.

Learn more about microblading through our Microblading & Pixel Shading Course.

The Benefits of Henna Brows

Although henna may not be the right brow treatment for everyone, it can give you a nice shape and definition to the right skin and hair type. It can be a good solution for people who struggle to design and fill in their brows as it gives them a base shape to follow. It is especially good for clients with little or no hair on their brows. And as mentioned previously it’s a brilliant option for clients considering microblading, as they can liv with a ‘brow shadow’ for a few days to see if they like the shape.

Keep reading for more benefits of Henna Brows;

  • Henna Brows Tint & Stain the skin giving eyebrows a fuller and 3D effect.
  • Henna Brows can encourage hair to grow back fuller in all the right places.
  • It’s great for any eyebrows that have been over plucked brows.
  • Henna Brows contain less chemical & harsh ingredients so it’s a great option for sensitive skin.
  • Henna Brow Tint lasts on the brow hair for up to 6 weeks, which is almost twice as long as regular tint. It also tints the skin and can last anywhere from up to 14 days.
  • Henna Brow Tint take beautifully to grey hairs and covers them easily.

For more information on Henna Brows, or to take your eyebrow skills to the next level check out our range or brow training at KMK Salon Supplies & Advanced Beauty Training.

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